Nutrients in
K Forte Boro


Known as the nutrient for agricultural quality, potassium assists in root development and improves plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, as well as lodging.


Silicon increases the photosynthetic rate of plants, reduces lodgingand increases resistance to pests, diseases, droughts and frosts.


Boron is a micronutrient of high importance for the formation of new tissues. One of its main functions is the germination of the pollen grain and the growth of the pollen tube, it thus directly influences the setting of flowers and the graining of crops.


Manganese contributes to the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, cell division and extension, respiration and photosynthesis processes and enzymatic activation of the plant.

The synergy and balance that your crop needs.

Source of Potassium and Boron

Boron promotes increased enzymatic activity in the root system, creating a driving force for the active transport of nutrients. Therefore, proper concentrations of boron in the soil allow for faster potassium absorption.

Gradual release of boron

The gradual release of boron helps maintain adequate levels of this micronutrient in the soil, preventing issues such as deficiency and toxicity.

Drought resistance

Due to the synergy between potassium and boron, as well as the properties of its main raw material, K Forte Boron provides better water retention for plants and improved drought resistance.

Exclusive technology to prevent nutrient segregation

K Forte Boron features 3D Alliancetechnology, which prevents nutrient segregation and ensures homogeneous mixing and uniform distribution of nutrients.


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